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Ghost - Living from the Heart(land)!

I've never had a dog before. I have always loved animals, and I've always wanted a dog, but It's been something that I've always seen as a luxury for those who have the time and space and stability to be able to properly take on the care of a dog. I've never been in a position where I felt like I could take a dog on and give them the best possible life, and most of the time I wasn't allowed to have one anyway when I was moving from apartment to apartment over the years most of which didn't allow for any animals, even fish were a no no. Since the opportunity has opened up for Kim and Gian to do Earth Haven abroad where they can have a greater impact, it looked like we were going to have to try to find a dog soon, since Ghost would be going with them, as he was Kim's dog. Since we are stewards of one hectare of the earth now, we practically need a dog, for security and practical farm support. He chased a cow off the property who was trying to snack on our

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